Celebrating 1000 Periscope followers

 Periscope to me was just a test to see if I could hit the broadcast button . I am not a in front of the camera type person and certainly not willing to be on camera consistently . I paced the floor for a few days on this one before i started and on the first day I met some folks that knew of me from my street performing at the Bridge Street mall . I was embarrassed to say the least. But they were kids , teenagers and I had come to learn that they are the record buyers of the future , if I persist they would come along with me .

 I know that in order to hold an audience there were three things i had to consider , Before anyone would give me their time they must get something back from it ,something educational or entertaining or something that gives them power. So i decided to let them watch my hands while I play guitar ,that's my way of teaching or educating. Next i started to make up songs on the fly , that's entertaining to some , they like to hear me sing their words .I then started to offer them tips and tricks to overcome their shyness and start to do their own scopes. It started growing and growing .

 I started offering praise for participating and recognizing their involvement and they kept coming back and soon we started feeling like a community , they actually know each other. It was amazing to watch it grow . I asked them to help to hit the 1000 follower milestone and they started sharing even more.I know it could have happened faster but I want to  build a solid group.

 It's a lot of fun building the relationships on periscope because they are from all over the world , not just local fans. I hope to reach even more.BLUES VIPS all over the world .Thank you all.

Is there anything more that you would like to see from me on periscope ?


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