Snow brings back warm memories


 The snow today this morning reminds me of my childhood. I was living with my grandmother in an old house in limestone county Al. Big Daddy Smith was as close to a grandfather as I knew. It was snowing and it was cold in our old house. Snow had got on the wood and it was wet. Big Mama wanted to go over to Big Daddy's house where we could be warm. We had to walk across the field to get there. I was a little boy, I guess 3 or 4 yrs old. The field seem huge to me. I was too big for her to carry me. 

   We went trekking through the snow. I can remember that slow sticking on my face and clothes and getting in my shoes. I was stepping high. Trying to step and walk through that snow going over Big Daddy's house. We had to walk through the little ditch and walk up the hill to get the Big Daddy's house.  

  Finally got to Big Daddy's house. He had a big fireplace. It seemed as tall as me. It had wood and a big fire going. I remember feeling that fire. Warming me up. It felt so good to me. Felt like the fire was warming me all the way down into my bones. It went through my clothes. I remember falling asleep. I remember feeling happy being around that fire. The snow today reminded me of that snow walk. It makes me smile.

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