Dropping that Lockdown belly fat

Good morning Blues people. I was slowly getting on the scale this morning after eating ice cream and cake, celebrating my birthday. I finally got myself psyched up to get on and it came in at 219 pounds. I was amazed because I ate a lot of cake and ice cream the last day or two for my birthday. But I have been exercising every day. 

   Last week I overdid it a little. And my back was a little sore. My knees were sore, but I'm not 25 anymore. So I have to learn to take my time and do my exercises but I have been regular at least three to four days a week exercising. I've been consistent. For several months. One of my friends sent me a chart about BMI or body mass index. The chart said a person of my height. I think I'm 6’ feet and should weigh about 183 pounds. I can't imagine being that small. I don't recall being 183 pounds since I got out of high school. That would be really lean and mean for me. 

   I haven't committed yet but I think I might go for 200lbs just to see what it feels like. I don't think it would hurt me at all. Plus it gives me something to do. It makes me think that I'm doing some healthy activities. At least I'm having fun with it so far, I feel good doing it.  

  So today I'm celebrating 219 lbs, Don't know how long this will last because I'm hungry now. But like I say I'm having fun with it. What about you? Do you have any type of regular exercise routine?

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