What is $B.V.I.P. ?  ( Blues Very Involved In Promotion )  

We are a giant street team using Web 3 marketing to raise awareness of blues music.  

We market across the United States, Canada and worldwide to help blues artists and record companies reach consumers. 

We design, manage and implement strategies for social media campaigns. Our goal is to raise awareness of and generate a demand for Blues music products and services.  

We hang up posters and flyers online and offline that let people know about new Blues music releases .   Instead of using television billboards and print advertising, we utilize people to interact and spread the messages.  

We volunteer to promote Blues bands and albums. Our rewards are Web3 social tokens, event tickets and merchandise.  

We are a Blues fan club, $BVIP social token holders and a worldwide Fan club of our founder Alabama Bluesman Ric Patton .