King Biscuit Festival 2023 success

 The King Biscuit Blues Festival recently took Helena, Arkansas, by storm, and oh, what a spectacular storm it was! The three-day celebration of the blues proved to be a resounding success, with some of the finest blues acts from around…

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How about a Social Token FAQ page .

  Folks ask me questions all the time about my tokens ,thought this FAQ page would help Check it out !  Let me know what you think . 

What does BVIP stand for ?

B.lues v.ery i.nvolved in p.romotion and B.lues…

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Ride Sally Ride that lawn tractor

  Today was a busy day filled with grass cutting. As a blues musician, I have multiple properties to take care of, and keeping the grass trimmed is just one of the tasks on my to-do list. It's a different kind…

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WTF these Blues VIP tokens all about ?


As a blues artist, my journey has been filled with memorable encounters and cool relationships. Since I started live streaming in the fall of 2015, I've had the pleasure of connecting with fans from all walks of life. Little did…

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My Lights Got Cut Off ! Damn


Last night some crazy shit happened while I was fast asleep—it was a moment that sparked a deep reflection within me. I woke up to find that my lights had been cut off. As I regained my senses, I realized…

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In the Blues we Trust !


 When I first learned about social tokens, I immediately saw their potential as a Blues artist. Having connected with countless fans through live streaming, I imagined the value in offering them a tangible token connected to the blockchain. 

 This would…

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TikTok Payback Time Lets dance


It's been a long time since I danced . Making these little payback TikTok videos has been a blast . Dancing is so much fun. It's also good exercise. I can feel some joints that I hadn't worked on…

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Decatur Al is a cool town to chill in

  I needed this time sitting out here in the park.  It's a beautiful day here in Decatur, Alabama. I had the mind to take some time and sit here in nature. Listen to the birds chirping and kids playing in…

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Easter Dinner Yum Yum !


  I love gospel music. Do you?  I played guitar with a gospel quartet for years. The Gospel Starlights.  We traveled and played around the Southeast in many churches and fellowship halls. It is a wholesome experience . I met so…

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