Whats in a Handshake ?


 I went to visit my uncle today. He's about 87 years old and lives alone. I went to check on him today after the tornado storm that went through last night. His hearing is bad so I had to knock hard on his door. I knocked several times before he came to answer. When he got to the door I was expecting his handshake.  I wasn't going to shake his hand, but I just knew that he would extend his. He has been doing it since I was a child. He always shakes my hand. He shakes everyone's hand that he greets. But this day he amazed me, he didn't reach out. I was shocked. I was so proud of him. He knew about the coronavirus. He knew to protect himself and me. He did invite me into his house to sit down with him at a comfortable distance.  

  We talked a while,  he asked me about the family,  all the questions that your uncle normally would ask. I was so proud of him . As I left his house I was thinking about how the Coronavirus is reshaping all our lives. I feel sad that I couldn't shake his hand.  I missed that firm grip of his handshake. I hope that someday it'll be comfortable to shake his hand again.

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  • Pam Safford
    Pam Safford Virginia
    That's Awsome Ric. Sending you hugs ❤️. from a distance 🌺

    That's Awsome Ric. Sending you hugs ❤️. from a distance 🌺

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