Truth about my Tooth


 My son asked me, “ Did someone knock your tooth out Daddy ?. I thought it was funny. It's interesting that he noticed. Two days later I’ve had several friends ask me about my missing tooth. Let's tell the truth about the tooth. 

  In October I was eating dinner one night, rushing to practice, and going to the Blues Festival. It was a week before the festival. I was eating dinner and bit into something hard like a pork chop bone! Pain shot all over!  It hurt so bad I called my dentist and told him what happened. He sent in a prescription and told me you come and see him later on after the festival season is over. That was five months ago and that tooth has been troubling me. Every once in awhile when I'm eating something and bite into it, pain will shoot through the sky ! The other night it happened again. This time I cried. I told my dentist what happened and he said, It's about friggin time. Lets get it out!  

  My mother did a great job in raising me to care for my teeth. She did good taking me to the dentist on a regular basis. I kept those habits up for a lot of years. 

 When I got into my thirties there was a girl that I really liked. She was a dentist. I started going to the dentist for the wrong reason.  I thought she was cool and I wanted to get something going with her. I was flirting with the dentist. One day I went in for some dental work and she almost killed me.  I don't know what she did, but I was in bad shape for a week. It turned me off . I didnt ever want to see a dentist again. Especially her. I hear she eventually lost her license for something she did. She taught me a lesson about dentists. I hadn't seen a dentist since. 

  Lately I've been talking to a new dentist. This one is a man and a Blues Lover . He tells me about the new procedures and plans. Maybe I'll move along with this one . I'm OK . Now i have to chew pork chop on the other side till further notice. What was your experience like with your dentist ?

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