Time to start Spring Cleaning already


 Good morning. The sky's still blue. A great day to start on some spring cleaning. Spring is in the air here in Alabama. Even the little fruit trees are starting to bloom. It's too early for them to bloom but they bloom anyway and the grass is beginning to grow and turn green here.  

  I've been putting off cleaning around this old place for a while but this year I'm going to start on the outside cleaning and emptying out some boxes that I have stored down in the Blue's Room. Lots of the things that I have stored are from my road trips. Merchandise that I decided to give away to my fans. It's fun digging through those old boxes.Some of the things that I find i keep but this time I'm setting it aside to give away and make room for more things.Spring comes in Alabama in mid-march and boy does it come in.  Everything blooms down south at one time. Lets try to bloom with it .

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  • Pam Safford
    Pam Safford Roanoke VA
    Doing an awesome job Mr. Ric Patton.

    Doing an awesome job Mr. Ric Patton.

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