Stress or Virus Both are some serious Shit !


My homeboy called me this morning. He was stressed out like a MoFo about the coronavirus. He talked about a lot of bullshit things and tried to small talk his way through the conversation but it was apparent he was very stressed. 

 He told me he was going to be tested for the virus . He yelled on the phone and asked me,” Aren't you going to be tested?'' I told him, “ I didn't think I needed to at this time “ He asked if I would ride with him.  I told him Hell No ! Especially since he thought he needed to go. I didn't want to be around him. That stressed him even more. I told him to go ahead. That's it's a good idea that he went but I didn't want to go with him.  

  After we got off the phone I realized how stressed he was. He  already has other health conditions but on top of that he's really stressing out. I know it's a stressful time there is no denying that, but I also know that stress is just as much of a killer as this virus. Stress can have a very bad effect on a person. 

 I hear that stress can damage our immune system and make us weaker in a lot of different ways. So i'm encouraging you to be mindful of the virus but also keep an eye on that stress.

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