Solja Boy saw the Crypto light


 Good morning blues people. It's another cold day here in Alabama. I just got back from my walk. Thinking about a video I watched last night about Soulja Boy. Lately I've been listening to more hip hop music, Lil boosie badazz, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross. Just listening to what's current and what people are doing nowadays.  


I stumbled upon a video last night about Soulja Boy and His Bitcoin interests. Then he took us on a reality TV journey . I never have liked reality TV. Non scripted low budget is really a crock of bullshit. But apparently it works and looks like it's working for Soulja Boy. I'm glad to see him having the success he's had. 

   His story is really fascinating one. Last night he mentioned Bitcoin, how one of his friends had encouraged him to invest money in Bitcoin years ago. Back when it was $100. He said,”in a short period of time it  jumped up to $7000”  Crypto to the rescue, you know, it's popular. I don't think it's going away. 

    I've made some mistakes over the years in my online community building. Some of my mistakes I'm going to be addressing later on in the week. But one thing that we do have going for us, broadcasters and content creators is the curiosity that crypto creates. People want to know about it. They want to know what it is, how to get it, how?  Curiosity can be a good tool to have as we go about creating content. 

  Crypto offers the opportunity of creating a new economy. Like CDs were in the ghettos back in the 90s . You know, rappers and street artists created their own currency, their own economics of CDs. It was an interesting landscape and a lucrative enterprise. 

   I'm looking into launching my own social token. I'll be getting to the bottom of things within the coming week or so. We'll get started down the road to Blues crypto. Are you ready?

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