Shawn Mcdonald is the New Blues King


  Playing harmonica with Shawn McDonald's at the King Biscuit Festival 2019 was a thrill for me. Sean is a one-of-a-kind new century Blues Man. He is a raw, educated, young, bluesman dipped in modern gospel.

The enthusiasm and force that he uses to express himself is awesome to feel. It leaps off the stage .

  When you play for Sean you can feel his energy vibrating. I look forward to what the future holds for this young man.He also has an extroverted personality and is really good with conversation while he handled himself well. I heard people saying that he was a young man with an old soul .


The promoter had warned  me that Shawn was a little scared. This was one of his first Festival jobs. I was impressed with how he handled himself.  I think he's a great young artist with a lot to look for in the future. 


 Check him out.  I recommend everyone check him out.  Sean McDonald. He is what the future of the Blues music is all about. His dad and friends  were there with him and were super supportive of him. I bet that from now on he have many more friends.   I am thankful that Shawn chose me to play with him. Hopefully he will keep up the good work .


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