Sausage and Biscuit not like it used to be !


Good morning. Went out this morning to the parts store,  time to change the oil in my Jeep. Thought I would stop by Burger King for breakfast. Got me two sausage biscuits and a cup of coffee. Coffee was great, but the sausage biscuits really concern me.  

  The sausage was so thin and had very little taste. I took the biscuit apart and looked inside and  saw a rubbery piece of meat . Felt like rubber and had very little sausage flavor in it. The biscuit was twice the size of a regular biscuit,  way too much dough. I wonder what in the world was Burger King thinking. I took the sausage out took a good look of it, I tried to taste it, it had very little taste, What happened to the sausage? Was this a real pig or was it some kind of synthetic meat?  I was so disappointed. I guess times are a changing. I'll have to try it again someday, maybe it was just a bad batch. It's hard for me to believe that Burger King has started selling synthetic sausage and fake dough. Is this just me or have you noticed that lately ?

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