Its hard out there on a Pimp

Just dropped off a young man who needed a ride. I gave him a few dollars and told him to have a great day. He confided in me he’s been out of work and how hard it is for him to hold on to a good paying job. My heart went out to him being a man myself, especially a young black man in the South, can be challenging.  

Some opportunities and jobs that might be good paying,  he might not have the education or the experience to land some of those jobs. He’s left with lower-paying jobs and low skill jobs. 

 But I have a few thoughts I'd like to offer this young man maybe some of my ideas might help any young man.  

  The first thing I suggest is learn some type of skill that you don't mind doing. That way you don't have to bum for money you simply offer your services in exchange for a few dollars. For instance washing windows. Just say.” I’ll wash your windows for you for a few dollars.  Let that become your thing. Window washing. You can wash windows at a home or business or a car. If you continue at this for a while people will know you as the window guy and you will have a steady clientele and steady money in just a few weeks . That way don't have to ask or beg for money. 

   Or wash a car or detail a truck for a few dollars. That can easily turn into a cash business, especially if you enjoy the work and do a really good job. 

 If you do a good job you'll be called back in two or three months to do it again . If you continuously do this you will have a small business for yourself. That way you won't have to bum for money. 

  Or you might consider being a musician or street performing for change if you enjoy that type of activity.  

Or you might consider painting or cleaning or shining shoes , anything you can do to keep from bumming money.   

  That way when you get out of work you can offer your services to help others.  It's a different mentality and the results can be very different from being a bum or begging .

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