I'm Home, The road trip was great. Thank You !

  I'm glad to be back home. Road trip was fun and productive.  It's always fun to go down into the Mississippi Delta.I had a great weather weekend. It only rained one day.  

  I want to thank all of my Blues VIP fanclub for everything they've done. The girls in the Blues Room , Little B and her sister Big B and Caps Lady and others had been scheming on how to pull off my birthday wishes from across the country. They wound up inviting me to drive 300 miles to go shopping and try on some clothes. That was so fun. Thanks to everyone in the Blues VIP who pitched in !  

  While I was down in Mississippi I was able to complete my paperwork to get in the lineup for the Blues festival season. I'll be playing in some of the best of the best in blues festivals. Thank you all for everything. It was a great weekend. I'm back in Alabama.Back in the Blues Room. Thanks again

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