I refuse to be Distracted


  Distractions are everywhere. Everywhere I turn someone is pulling for attention. Look over here at what I do, look over here at what they do, look over here what you did . I open the Blues Room every night by say there's a lot going on in the world. It's no joke. That really is a lot going on in the world. But most of it has absolutely nothing to do with myself.


 I had no idea that people would take Blues literally. Lots of the followers I have actually do have the Blues. I noticed some are extreme personalities. Lonely, bipolar, sick,  all types of people from all types of background, because of the type of Blues environment that I created they are buying into it. it’s not that I'm not willing to give in to their stories, but I have to focus my attention on getting through the broadcast and making it to the next one, which is always less than 24 hrs away. If I could build it over again I would build it all the same way.


  Clare Means is celebrating a hundred thousand followers and one hundred million hearts.  I can understand why. She’s a talented white woman. Being a white female or anything other than black male you could blaze attention and support in our society . I understand these things. I have to recommit myself daily to building this organization. And focus on what's realistic and what's not. From sea to shining sea, that's a lot going on, but most has nothing to do with me.


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