I Love California

2018 Hayward Russell City Blues Festival #19


  The West Coast Blues Society in Hayward, CA did a spectacular job presenting the 20l8 Hayward Russell City Blues Festival. I am so honored to have been a part of it. I left home from Huntsville, AL and headed out to Little Rock to meet up with the Biscuit family and from there flew back into Atlanta, and off to San Francisco. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful.


Flying over the desert was awesome to me. I looked out the window and saw those snow caps on top of the sand dunes and mountains. It was an awesome flying over the desert, I was so excited. I wanted to tell the pilot to stop and let me out so I can play in the sand for awhile. When we arrived in San Francisco the driver, Walter (also the President of the blues society) came right along to pick us up and took us across the bay out into beautiful Hayward, CA. The city is so clean I was amazed. Didn't see any paper on the ground.


Our set was only 30 minutes long and I hadBluesVIPMsBiscuithead aka Carla Robinson to play backup for me;the one woman Delta style band. I thought it would be a treat for them to see and it turned out just the way we had planned it. We performed true Delta Style Blues right there on the West Coast. I know I had lots of fun and I know she did too. The audience sang along with us and clap their hands, pat their feet and a few folks even danced to our Delta style Boogie. I got so many thank you and compliments and signed many autographs. They were even digging my attire for the show; white shirt, overalls and my Pig Skin Stetson Hat. 


A few attendees had printed pictures of me from the internet and wanted me to autograph them, they looked really nice.  It really made me feel good. I really enjoyed working in California and hopefully they'll have me back someday.

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