I had a Happy Birthday


 My  birthday on Feb 12th was the best virtual birthday party I've ever had. My fans from all over the world stopped in to wish me a special greeting on the periscope. I've had many birthdays before this one but this is the first time I've had such a warm greetings. Greetings came from all around the world . That made me feel wanted and special.  

Feels like these people are my family and good friends. Not just fans, but friends. Each greeting was felt and each gift I’ll treasure. I got money, cows, a fitbitch, tit cup,  trail mix, good whiskey, super hearts, and most of all their time and attention. Really it was the best birthday party I could have ever had. I want to thank GOD and everyone of you.Thank Periscope and Twit. Hopefully I will have many more birthdays to come, and you too , and we will share them together. Let’s do some Mo !

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