Good morning. Good Blues morning to you. The sky is still blue, and I think deep water is still Blue. I woke up this morning thinking about miracles. It's going to take a miracle to build this Blues VIP group that I've had in mind. I think I have to become a Visionary again. I have to renew my vision and think through it in detail. I don't want to confuse my motions with progress. Sometimes there's lots of motion in the Blue's Room, Comment streaming up the screen really fast, songs being sang, people greeting one another, it's all fun. But is it all taking us where we  need to go?


 When I first imagined building such a group, it was for the purpose of promoting Shows and promoting concerts and festivals. That's what I have to keep in mind. It's easy to get caught up in the hype. The hype is not going to take us where we need to go, we really need to focus on events. So here I go. Become a Visionary again.


 It can be kind of scary to have a vision. especially if it's a different Vision or New Vision. technology has made it possible to reach people and places we never could before. I'm excited to be able to reach the people with the right minds and hearts to make things happen. So today I'm renewing my vision for the blues VIP Club. And I'm challenging you to renew your vision for the year 2018. And Beyond, let's renew our vision today.


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