He Preaching but it ain't reaching


  Good Blues morning. The sky is still blue. That’s a good sign. It’s been a good day so far although I did run out of coffee. I usually have 2 cups but today I had three. I can tell it’s going to be an interesting day. I got a call from the preacher man today. Preacher wanted to say hello to me, he’s missed me, hadn’t seen me in a while and had thought about visiting me. Notice the word, Though. He and his friend my old bass player said they were in the neighborhood and they thought about me. It sure is nice to be thought of, but I guess it wasn’t enough thought to drop by to say hello to me.

 That really don’t matter so I continue with the conversation LOL just enough to let him throw some slight at me in some way. Make me feel as if I am not fit or not cleaning someway. Didn’t take long for that to happen. Then I’m waiting for the conversation to turn away. So he can get back to his dream world.

 I have nothing against preachers or religion but some of the pastors that I know I’ve got a sad way of positioning themselves, making themselves seem as if they are something that they’re not. They have never been able to hide the truth from me. I know who they are, I know who I am. I know we all are men,same as me. I appreciate what preachers do and I think church and religion has a great place in our society. Especially in the black communities. Being born and raised in the south religion plays a big part. But it time to stop hiding behind the church and love men and do kind things , Talking just ain’t gonna get it .


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