Flex Time Again !


 I remember hearing the statement that if life is worth living, then it's worth writing down. I know the two are two totally different things. Opening up and writing about  oneself is totally different than living every day. 

   Being transparent enough to let my feelings and thoughts out can be a frightening idea . I've just never been an open type of person. So when I write this type of post, it can be intimidating or frightening. Knowing that someone in the world will be reading this. I don't know who. Someone will know how I feel.  Someone will know what i'm thinking today. That's a powerful thought.  

 I was brought up the opposite of that. I was taught to mind my own business. To stay to myself or stay out of trouble. My thoughts were not the ones that are important, it's the thoughts of others. Be sensitive to others thoughts and feelings more than my own. 

  I'm reaching a point in my life now where I want to be able to share and help others as much as I can. And of course to help myself. I found an amazing way to do both at the same time. By using the internet. The internet thrives on openness, it thrives on the ability to be transparent to share your feelings and thoughts. There are enough people on the internet to find someone who will boogie with you. 

 It's like exercising. You have to do a little bit at a time. You can't do too much, you don't want to overdo it. Do as much as you can today and then do a bit more tomorrow. So here goes my day of flexing and opening up. Now we can go out and have a great Blues day.


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