Dang Post Office again


Good Blues morning. another rainy day. When it rains here in Alabama everything turns green,everything is growing. Pop he's moving a bit slow this morning. Good he’s moving at all he’s 91 years old. I'll help him get going before I get started today. It's the end of the month and I promise my VIPs to have everything caught up so I'm going to have to get busy today to get all the mail out.


Using Periscope every night goes fast. Sometimes we have two winners in one night, 8 or 10 winners a week I know these people want that packages tomorrow, but I never did plan to get that deeply involved. I guess it's just part of the Pains of growing, so next month I'll start a different strategy of how to get the mail out. I'm considering using April and making some changes.


The Blue's Room is an interesting place. People come from all walks of life. What's really cool is when they win something I can imagine them receiving it in the mail. I know it's exciting. Because it's exciting to me. So for the month of April part of my New Year's resolution is to get the mail out faster. I finally got some plastic boxes and some more address labels and more mailing envelopes so I'm stepping up on the game.


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