Big George Brock Harmonica Master RIP


 I had great respect for Mr. George Brock as a man, and as a harmonica player. When big George played harmonica people paid attention. He was a Big man, tall, I see how he earned the name Big George Brock . When I first saw him performing live at the Blues festival . I had no idea that he was a former heavyweight boxer from St Louis. But once I learned that he was a boxing champ I could understand much better the way he attacked his harmonica. 

   He was an older man who had earned the right to sit down and play. Big George was the sharpest dressing harmonica player I've ever seen. Every time I saw Big George he was dressed to kill. Sharp as a broke dick dog. It was great watching his staff help them around. He kept a great band always and his staff was so helpful to him. His sound was real. Big George had taken the Chicago harmonica sound and turned it into a country sound. A combination of country and City Blues. He had a big sound. He enjoyed doing old Muddy Water tunes mixed in with his original tunes. 

   George knew how to mesmerize his audience. He would sing a while and then blow a while. Smoothe yet intimidating. I could imagine in his younger days he probably would have knocked someone out with his big hands. I remember him doing his routine when he rolled around on the stage laying on his back. It was so good to see real dynamic blues and master showmanship at work. Big George was definitely blues harmonica masterclass. I hear he passed away today 4.10.20.

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