Be Strong Young Lady


Often think about the message I got from one of my fans. A young lady, she was telling me how much fun and enjoyment she got from reading my diary here on my website. It meant a lot to me to hear her say that. I was really moved by the thought that something I write here could make a difference if someone's life. May be  my own. I don't know. I just do it from time-to-time.


Today I was thinking about the young lady and wanting to do something just for her. She's a sweet little girl I met her on Periscope she came into my scope. She's been through some bad relationships up North with a boyfriend beating on her. I heard she moved down South on her own. Trying to make another life for herself. I know it was hard to leave family and go out on your own that way. Maybe she did have the blues. I wish I could do more for her and for others like her. So I'll start back creating these posts. Every day I'll try to do something. I never know what that might be.  


When you're raised like me to mind your own business sometimes It's tricky to turn around and let the world look into my psychic.  It's tricky to position myself so that people can take a look inside of me. Inside of me. Yeah I've never thought that could be something important inside of me. If there's anything inside of me that can help another they're more than welcome to it. So I'll do more. I'm saying that for that young lady and I'm also saying that you. And I'm also saying that to myself.  I would like to empty myself more, leave more stuff here in the world that I passed through. I'd like to leave more my experiences, as if it could be important to someone else. So today I wanted to make this post. I hope l that the young lady will see this and she'll know who I'm talking about. I want her to be strong I want her to keep moving on and I want to try to give her something to keep hanging on.  Have a good day.


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