Too Wet to Rehearse


Band Rehearsal has been cancelled temporarily. I don't like canceling our rehearsals but lately it's just not convenient. Lots of rain and bad weather. The yard is so muddy till it's hard to get the vehicles in to unload.  

 This old building doesn't have good heat and good air conditioning. Lurch, needs to drive close to the house so he can get out he has a bad leg. Mac and Freeze like to pull up into the front yard. The front yard is full of water. 

Water standing everywhere out there. It's muddy and I don't need anyone stuck trying to get in and out.  

Mack asked us to play for his brother's birthday, which might be coming the weekend. It would be something to do to keep our chops together. The winter time weather makes it hard to get in and out. I look forward to the weather warming up so we can get back to our regular practice schedule.

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