50,000 Subscribers ,Can we do it ?


 I have been entertaining the thought of having 50,000 plus subscribers. We started on Periscope not long ago,  we started at zero, and now we're celebrating over 11,000 subscribers. It gives me hope of having more. I get flashes in my mind of having a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, or five hundred thousand Blues fans, or 1 million Blues lovers, And the feeling that goes along with that. I can imagine the connection with the music and the  responsibility it would be. It seems like something that I would love to do. Can it be done? Can I do it ? Why would I do it? Questions dancing around in my psychic. With a record deal they would do it for me , but as an indie it's truly my option. 

   I can remember when I first had the idea of building a fan club. I was at a Blues Festival in Clarksdale Mississippi back around  2000. I saw all those people out on the grounds enjoying good blues music and I wondered to myself if they each put in $5 a month the promoters could promote a festival every month instead of once a year.  It could make a huge difference in the Blues industry if each one of them were to subscribe.  

  Since that time technology has made it even more possible that it can happen. It feels good to hold  the excitement of building something in life, especially at my age. I'm excited for everyone involved in the #BluesVIP Club.  I look forward to you all having a bright future. And I'm rising to the occasion fifty thousand subscribers. Can it be done ? Can we do it ?

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