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  Ricky L. “Brotha Ric” Patton, Sr. was born in Huntsville, AL but was raised up in Triana, AL.  He is the grandson of blues and whiskey man, Paper Thomas Patton.  Playing the blues was not his idea, he wanted to play football.  Playing the guitar was his mother idea, she didn’t want him getting hurt and saw it as a way of not having to transport him to and from football practice.

She did not know when she purchased him a guitar that she was laying the foundation for one of the jewels of North Alabama blues music (particularly Huntsville).

As a youngster Ric grew up around his Uncle Johnnie Rice.  Johnnie was a hobo, a ex-con and a harmonica player who loved drinking bootleg whiskey.  Johnnie would often stick his soaked in whiskey harmonica in Ric’s mouth causing it to burn and Ric would find himself blowing and drawing (aka blowing and sucking) on the harmonica.  This was the beginning of Ric’s life as a guitar and harmonica player.

In an interview Ric says, “Playing the blues is nothing I found, it found me. I’ve been doing so long, I just do it.  When I play and sing it is like painting pictures with people in it.  I have fun and amuse myself with the pain and sound;  I think it is what folks enjoy about my blues, I play in a colorful way.  Every summer I go down South to the Mississippi Delta and play.  But it doesn’t take the place of that Alabama Front Porch style blues”.

On September 28, 2015 Ric joined Periscope (live stream application), creating his own fan club called the “Blues VIPs” = Very Involved in Promotion, in hopes of building a blues community.  He live stream nightly from his 1979 Chevrolet Van which he refers to it as the “Blues Room” and on Busker another live stream platform he refers to it as the “Blues Lounge”.  He lives stream nightly and his fans join him while chatting with him and each other.  He has since made his own recordings highlighting the broadcast and his followers.  He currently has over 7,000 followers.  While streaming Ric welcomes them in; he also talks about today’s happenings.  He also sings, plays his guitar and harmonica and his foot tambourine to all types of songs but particularly, blues.  He also has a portion of his “scope” where he sings to his followers comments.  Each night the followers tap hearts or commenting to show how much they enjoy Ric’s broadcast; he also gives recognition to followers who tap a 1,000 hearts or more and those who give him a super heart (these are hearts his followers purchases).  In July 2017 Ric began raffling his merchandise or blues artifacts he’s collected by giving followers a raffle ticket.  To get a raffle ticket; The followers must be the first in the room, give a super heart, or go to his website and leave a review or become a patron; there are times he does a live conference call on his cryline and those who join him get a raffle ticket.  During his broadcast Ric will often promote other artist, festivals and events when informed.

Ric also has a trio band called the “Chickenbone Reunion Band, the band members are Ric, (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Mac Barnes (bass), Kenneth Epps (drums).  Ric mostly play solo and bring along kazoos, a shaker, washboard, hula hoops and ask for help with these instruments from his crowd. “What I do is plain Southern Style Funky Blues” says Ric.


For bookings please contact:

Ric Patton

1646 Swancott Rd.

Madison, AL  35756

(256) 279-5279 or (256) Cry-5Cry