Ric Patton

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Mr. Ric Patton, One of the last of the southern blues players who sings it raw and plays guitar like he sings.. a must see and listen.. I love ya Ric.. keep doin what you doin
The baby story is hilarious!! I miss watching your scopes everynight, but I'll be back. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
You are inspiring with the one man band
Wow..Really enjoyed you. First time viewer. Relatives all over alabama especially in Montgomery and a few there in Huntsville. I also found out that im a distant cousin to Clarence Carter,but i never met him. Loved the show and u have a faithful watcher from now on and i'll share your periscope and webpage with others..Godsnite
Great program on Periscope. I try to watch every night and if I can't I watch the rerun. Good blues! Meow!!!!
Brother Ric,i just watched the replay from last night 3/16/2017. Great tribute to blues legend James "Superharp" Cotton..... It is greatly appreciated. I got to show you the picture with Cotton, Pinetop, Willie Dixon and yep, Ms. Biscuithead at the Chicago Blues Festival. PS, I need my new autographed picture of you, I'll meet you at the Crossroads during the Juke Joint Festival. Thanking you in advance.
I like the blues because of Ric! I found him on periscope and was instantly drawn to his passion for music and people! He is contagious and I've caught the blues fever!
Ric is such a talented, funny, insightful & kind soul! I love the Blues Room scope & his music!
Winner winner chicken Dinner
I bet we hit 10 million today, lol Congrats Ric, keep up the good work
Thank you for your broadcasts on Periscope. I am certain that your being there will help you as a Blues artist. Plus, it will help preserve the music art form. You are outstanding!
Alright getting closer, meow, to the meow baaaby - hit 10,000,000 3/18/2017.
We going to hit 10 mil on March 9th
We going to hit it on the 16th of March.
You will hit 10,000,000 on 3/26/2017.
Gonna hit that 10 million hearts march 8th. Enjoy listening to you man.
Love listening to you on Periscope! WE gone hit that 10 million March 6th :)
Brotha Ric is a great bluesman, musician and writer. He is fund to watch and listen to. I get upset when I miss a scope, but happy I can catch the replay. Keep on keeping on bluesman, music man and entertainer.
Brian Craighton Feb 7 Hello Mr. Ric , I finally got my pledge posted for the godfather of the blues!! My wife , my daughter & myself enjoy every live feed from the blues room!! Really appreciate all you do , keep spreading the love of the blues, I really need to get a CD of your music so when we go on our road trips we can bring you along, and that was from my 9 year old daughter lol she keeps telling me she wants your CD so every morning on the way to school she can sing the blues!!! We already have a spot on our wall to hang your autographed pic!! Thank you brother Ric for all you do , GOD BLESS THE BLUES!!
Ric, I enjoy your nightly blues sessions so much! I wasn't even a blues fan until I stumbled across your scope. You're an amazing talent! Keep up the good work.
Hey ric I'm trying to buy the cd right now but I can't find it and the site keeps crashing I want the cd for the price you said tonight 3.00 help me please
Makes my day and night every time he plays I've never Miss a session keep up the good work I support you do what you do and do it well
Your scope really got my foot tappin! I'll be back!
#4000 follower on scope for this amazing guy!! Can't wait to hear more♡ congratulations on 4000!!!
I have come to really care for Ric after watching and getting to know him more on periscope. I laugh,dance and have a great time when he's on.He cares for his fans and is a loving person. I'm a fan for life and so happy I got to meet him and other cool people on his scopes. Thank you Ric for just being you and sharing your talented,loving,cool self with all of us.Love,Juicy Lucy
Let's get it rockin....love them songs... send em over
I love your new website! Nice new crisp look! You seem to be doing better and better every time I see you on periscope, I love to hear you play them blues! Keep on jammin!
Love your music. First saw you on periscope today and was obsessed from the start. You have a great way of drawing peoples attention to you. Keep it up! We need more blues in this country!
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the people on periscope God bless you!
Your Pateron link not working. Love the music bluesman. Healer
Caught your scope tonight for the first time. Loved it.
Heard you on the scope, keep it going man
Love it follow you on periscope
Saw you on periscope...Awesome!!!
awesome scope and music
I like what I have been hearing!! I look forward to more
Your awesome god blessings
Good music my man. Keep it up
I really enjoy your performances on periscope,keep sharing your talent and God Bless You.
I would to become a fan
See really enjoy your Periscope. The blessing of the LORD is upon you
I want the music and all the other stuff I love blues and you good keep up the great job.
Thank you for your gifts man and sharing them with us!!! Peace!
Hi from the uk
Great job on the scope Ric...
You, sir, were a huge blessing on my soul tonight. You just gained a fan for life.
Been loving the blues for a long time. Thanks for all you do. Hope I can catch a show someday!
Am new to your fan club and scope my friend invite me to your scope your awesome
#1 on periscope.
Loved your Periscope show!!
I watch you on paroscope
Beautiful Music, Amazing personality, I love all of this stuff!
Love your scopes and music so much. Thank you!
I joined your club brother good music
Your blues rocks! Keep spreading the blues man!
Love the blues
I really enjoy listening to you on Periscope.Your are awesome! I grew up listening to the blues with my dad. Your music is food for my soul.
Love watching on periscope
Love your scope man you good gramps
You definitely need to make an appearance at the blues fest in Jacksonville, Florida! Would love to meet you next year!
Love you blues shows on periscope . My user name on there is ToxicCashTv so look out for me . God bless and Be Safe
Your the best I've been watching your periscope for awhile now I love it
Brother Rick You are awesome! Loved your scope.
I have been watching you on Periscope for a while and I Looooovvvvee what you do. Keep it up bluesman!!!
i saw you in periscope you are so amazing thanks for your talent!!!! You play real blues and we dont have that in Paris!!! excuse me for my english im just a french guy!!!!!
Brotha Ric. Rocks!
Love your tunes!
I'm a VIP member now
great guitar riffs makes me feel like i got a squirrel tickling my ears hehehe keep it up Alabama blues man!!!
I'm pleased to be a member of the #BLUESVIPS loved the tribute to Prince, he was, one of a kind...true artist
You rock man....loved your scope today.......i love the blues and listen to the old classics......you my man are rockin !!!!! Do you have any music i can buy???
Hello Brother Ric. I love your music. I'm a new patron. Looking forward to seeing you later. -Jeannett Aka Medussa888
Gracias Bro Ric!!
Cool music....love me some Blues baby
Cool music....love me some Blues baby
Best blues ive heard in a looong time
Found you on periscope! Listen to you every night! Woo!
Brother Ric, I found you on the parascope and I'll tell you what man, I am hooked. Keep the blues going
Enjoy your scopes.Keep em coming. You ever look at "Keeping the Blues Alive" website?
ric i really enjoy you on periscope
I have been trying to vote and that site dose not comes up and also when I go in to Alabama bless man. Com/vote nothing comes up I really want to vote
Love your scope trying to vote keep it up bro ric
Love your scope trying to vote keep it up bro ric
Love your periscopes!
I found you on periscope today. Sure enjoyed your style. Look forward to more!
Hey it's Nina. You know I am love so will you marry me?
seen you on scope brother showlove from panama city florida
Setting up e mail test
I'm so glad to meet you, big broths Ric and love listenin' to ya play on periscope....
Ric is awesome and shit.
Ric is awesome!!!!
My father and I tuned in tonight Brotha Ric! We love watching you play and sing the blues!!!
Love the blues. Ric, you're the man!
Tuned in on periscope for the first time tonight and blew my mind. Relaxed me, soothed my heart with the music and voice! Love it
found you through periscope. i love it !
love the music
Love your playing man.. Got to watch a periscope tonight.
I was the 1k!!! I'm jeff aka full name!!!!
hey i just found you on scope i was one away from your 1000 follower...i love what you do...your amazing...
Can't wait to get that button Friday night
Watched you scope! Blues Master
Checked you out on scope and man I am a fan! Keep up the awesome blues!
1600 pine tree rd appt322 Longview tx 75604
Hey Bro Ric, thanks for the scopes and the great blues. Happy belated birthday.
Brother Ric, much love from Chicago!
Love the blues thanks for bringin the blues back
It's your biggest fans from New Jersey Brother ric, the Oliveto twins!! God bless and much love
Sweet blues scope
Hey Brother Ric keep on keeping on
My new favourite bluesman. See you on periscope!
I've been looking for you. I got my eyes and ears on you! Now that I hear you, I can't take my eyes off you.
Love when I see the Bluesman come on periscope! You have great talent and you inspire me to do things with my over 50 life!
We love Brother Ric! I found him on Periscope a couple of weeks ago and now 6 other family members gather around the phones and iPads to watch him too. By far one of my favorite singers/entertainers! A++++. Keep up the awesome work! We hope to be able to see you play live soon! -Hozelle & family
Hi Brother Ric!! I'm your BMW blues loving lady! Really enjoy your periscopes! Hope you're keeping warm! Kaytee
Came across you on Periscope. Greetings from good ol' Madison!
Here you go
So glad i came across brothaRic on Periscope...i am on twitter, instagram, youtube, periscope as, @justw81 .... i'm also a musician from Akron, Ohio....my band is the "Just Wait" band... we have several video's on youtube...we are ambassadors of the "Blues V.I.P." club that Ric began
Love seeing someone that has a passion for something and has fun doing it. Keep it up.
Saw you on periscope tonight you were awesome
Bro. Ric, you are awesome, I enjoy hanging out with you every night on you periscope. I want to sing a song with you. I love the blues and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! PoeticSongz
Keep up the great work!
I love your Periscope shows. I can't help but tune in every time you have a show going.
Awesome blues player. Also a really great guy.
I watch you on periscope. Sir you are awesome! I enjoy every scope!
mmmmm , i can taste that muzik
My new friend, this cat is a cross between Ry Cooder, Redd Fox, and Clarence Carter. GREAT TO MEET YOU!
Love your stuff. Watch you everytime you are on the peri-scope. Thanks.
sounding great over here in Helena, Arkansas Bro. Rick! Listen every night- Arkansas Toothpick
Yes you scheduled a blab. That is great! I am confident that you will do well on this platform
It was a pleasure spending time with you on periscope tonight. Many more to come
Hello Bro. Ric. Showing some love. Keep it frosty!
Greetings Brotha! This is The_Alward coming in to say greetings from Houston!!!! It truly do appreciate you opening up the alley to the blues room brotha! I personally would love to get some kind of personal harp lesson from you my friend! I try to make all of your dope scopes but I'll be honest with you brotha, it's hard to even catch a replay some times living in the fast life of houston city.. I look forward to being a friend and potentially partner in music! All in all I reserve much love and respect for the blues room and your genuine spirit! Keep in touch brotha! Alward23@yahoo.com
AL Blues Man! Brother Ric is the man! Ain't nothing better than kicking back and listening to the blues man on Periscope in the evenings. The 'Scope is Dope!
LACY My favorite blues man❤️
I've been having the blues today. I've been needing Brotha Ric to sing me the blues!
Thank you for the autographed picture. It made my day!!! U da best.
I watch you all the time on the scope. Because to tell the truth, the scope is dope, but so are you.
Would love to have a picture, Love Ya
We really enjoy your show. Look forward to watching the next one . Thanks again.
This is Will from Periscope . My sister watched our scopes tonight when you gave away the autographed photos. She wants you to send her one
Hey Bluesman consumed by fire here. Thank you & enjoy watching u so much. Be blessed friend
Thanks for the signed pic. I look forward to seeing you on Periscope next time . Thanks
Brotha Ric played a song for us last night it was practically the coolest experience of my life. He even let us play with him and we all had a great time. You taught us a thing or two about the Blues. I love Brotha Ric
Last night, my friends and I were introduced to you by a couple of drunk dudes outside of Humphrey's and boy am I glad they did! You are a fantastic musician and the fact you included my friends and I in your performance was so incredibly unique and exciting! I'm hole we're able to meet again soon. Thanks for the memorable night, Ric! Here's the video of us jamming together for anyone interested:https://youtu.be/QvTDUxZ_OKI
E&J here reporting in after meeting you last Sunday. Fantastic playing! We look forward to seeing any YouTube videos you might record. Keep on keeping on!
Great time at amendment XXI this past Sunday.Music was awesome and show was very entertaining.Getting to meet BRO RIC was the highlight of our week.Cant wait to see yall again!!!
We really enjoyed your music at the Farmers Market today. SUCH TALENT! Thanks for sharing your talent. You were a HIT with everyone!
Im excited about this new guestbook . I hope it opens up more communication with my friends.