Ric Patton

Butt Out of My Life

Ric Patton
Ric Patton



  My drummer (Kenny) was telling a story about his relationship that had gone bad. I was scatting some lines and shooting the bull on guitar and I said,” I love you but, but, Butt out of my life”. It was so goofy that I wanted to prove to him that there was something in that line. Too many buts in the relationship to make it last and then its “Butt out Time” I know I had been thru that before and I think lots of other folks had too, so I set out to write a song on it.

   I wrote on it 3 times and actually did the recording in one session on a  FOSTEX MR16 porta studio using a SM58 mic. All guitars are direct in. I never intended to release this demo version but after sharing it with some friends, they said let it go like that and someone will relate to it.

  I have this old coat that I hated to throw away . One day I set the camera up and shot some pics of the coat to see if I could decorate it someway . I just shot pics of the coat from several angles. I was about to delete the pics when I got the thought to use them in a video, they look kind of bluesy, but it was only 4 pics and I figured ill use them as a background for a lyric video. The pic from behind looked like a “Butt Out “ shot , so I used it to end the video . I noticed the pics almost made sense in the video.

  I was snowed in and got that feeling , maybe ill just finish something up that I started and chose to complete it. “Butt out of my Life “ I hope you enjoy it .

Let me know what you think of this song and the video.



But the vow beneath the sun, But, But somehow the tables turned, But

But the love that we do share, But, But,  It’s taken on an I don’t care ,But

But the time that we put in, But, But , But the game that you can’t win

But the day has come to say,  But , But But there aint no other way But, But


But out if my life, Come on sing it with me

But out of my life, Sing it one more time, Come on, Yeah

But out of my life , But out of my life But, But


But so many nights you lay awake but somehow, But But is much more than I can take

But the kids ,but the house.  But the land, But, But the church won’t understand, But ,But

But we tried, But you lied, But ,But But the divorce decree done been denied But, But

But there came a day ,But ,  Cant be no other way,  Come on sing it with me


But out if my life

But out of my life, Come on sing it with me one more time

But out of my life , But , But ,But out of my life But, But