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Year winding on down


  I was on Blab last night and ran into some life coaches. They were going off about making a treasure map for the future and how to vizualize and all that kinda stuff. I was actually about to get involved when I heard one of the coaches call himself a creator. I was shocked. I'm not a super religious type person who makes religion into a maze of understanding but I think its bold to consider the process of creation as ones own.

  I know when I write a song its difficult to think that the words and ideas come from somewhere other than me . The older I become it seems the more aware I am that there is process at work that has nothing to do with me. I can only credit the work with a higher power of some kind . Lets call it GOD. I dont want to take credit for the work that it does thru me . I just hope that this new year that I can allow it to do more thru me. Ill offer some direction . What are you hoping for this New Year 2016 ?

Shit blew up lastnight


 I don't know what happened last night but things just blew up on the periscope. I had already finished up a scope earlier lastnight and I thought Ill just do one more for the low down folks . I was kinda sleepy and laid back and I started to play some old school tunes and they came in on me . I met folks from all over , they all got in the groove with me . We had a ball . I was introduced to a Bass man from up North he was on the way to Bham to do a show . I met some really cool peeps , they was all up mighty late. My friend LoveAlvacados came by to visit from NC . He is one of my pledging VIPS and he wants his buttons asap. They don't realize just how far behind I am with this new media thing but im still in the game . I woke up this morning with 66 new followers . LIke BooM ! I'm still amazed that its still real Blues fans out there who want to keep this old skool music alive . Its so inspiring to be able to reach these folks . Like shit just blew up !

Its been a crazy day


  I went walking this morning and all the water was still standing from the rainfall the other night. I walked around two miles and as I was coming up this steep hill, an old white woman came upon me riding a bicycle , she was gasping for air , I said " Heyhe are you OK? She just kept pumping on up the hill to the church . I saw her drinking some water from her bottle, then she took off again . I yelled at her and asked how far you got to go , she said," By the time I get back to my car I will have rode 16 miles ,I was like Daaang ! She must be in good shape to ride that far. 

  I have been walking for a while now but I am gonna take it more seriously . The new year is almost here and its a good time to re think and make some plans and new goals to do. I'm going to add some fitness to the list for myself . Walking two miles takes me around 45 minutes ,im gonna start timing it and picking up speed. Do you have an exercise program for yourself ? 



  This has been a wonderful Holiday Season for me . I want to wish all my fans and everyone around the world a Happy Holiday . May GOD  bless you and your families. 





  I think we got the greatest fan club in the world . We have fun ! Check it out !



Found this in the paper this morning !




  I want to thank Matt Westmier , Jimmy Cantrell and the staff over at Calhoun Community College for welcoming me to their Decatur campus. Matt ran into me a while ago while playing at a local music venu in Huntsville Al. called the AmendmentXXI. I had been a regular artist there for two years. He asked if I would be a guinea pig for his recording engineering students. I figured it would be interesting to watch and just maybe they would come up with a project I could use for release every now and then.

  I went into Calhoun Barnwood Studios with an open mind and patience knowing it was a classroom environment and not a real professional recording studio setup where things have to move faster and deliberate, instead it would be slower and step by step.

  That first week I was there they talked about microphones types and the instructor draws all these crazy diagrams on the board and talked about patterns and frequency and stuff , and the days go by, finally they get to the actual hands on. Setting up the stands, placements,cabling, logs, isolation and I said. “ wow! “ What have I got myself into ? “  Everyone got a grade but me.

   I was actually putting my time into this class of young people who have no interest in the Blues but they all need to learn how to record it. Blues has been called roots music and now we get to see its roots. “If these students learn to record my blues, they can record all other music types too” I kept telling myself.

  I was delighted to see the looks on their faces when they made me happy with their recording projects. They learned what a happy client can look like and how to bring about a session with someone that may not be mainstream music.

  The greatest reward for me is to watch them learn and knowing they are the future of all music of all types. I hope they go on to long and successful careers in recording and I’m sure some of the students will. I am delighted to share some of their student work with you here worldwide thru my website. Enjoy.




 That monkey done introduced me to this lady, she is drop dead gorgeous . She host a show called Kermit and Friends 5 days a week and apparently that Douche Monkey hangs out over there. I can see why. She also sings and plays piano and the uke. She even wrote a song about me. I hear she wants to have me over on the show soon . Dang I can hardly wait . I want all my fans to be watching when I go. 

  Go over to Spreecast and check out this new streaming media thing. It seems to be the wave of the future and we Blues people need to be up on it. Check out Ms Elaina Jordeana . Get your texing fingers in shape , we going to NY. The day I go on the show I would love to see all my friends and fans texing and getting involved. Lets get the Blues off on the goodfoot.

   What do you think ?

meeting the monkey for the first time was shocking


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