Celebrating 3 million hearts on periscope. I started scoping in September of 2015. I didn't know what to expect. Being an old skool telecomm baby like myself it's only natural that periscope would intrigue me. The first time I heard of periscope I was riding through the countryside in Greenbrier Alabama eating a BBQ sandwich and listening to a podcast. There was a lady on explaining about a tribe call Bo Po. She was all excited about building a tribe on this new thing called the periscope. I was a new iPhone user then. I took a look at the app, downloaded it that night and  looked at it for the rest of the night I didn't immediately broadcasts. It took me about two or three days to get the confidence to try. Then one night I decided what the hell. I hit the start broadcast button and started playing harmonica and a young man came in the room who knew me. His name was Danner. Danner knew me from street performing at Bridge St Towncenter he asked me when was I going back to the mall and our conversation began that night seven people came in the room it was very interesting.

 I decided to try it again the next night and the next night 15 people or more came into the room I played harmonica. The next night I tried it again and it got bigger I can remember Danner asking me do you think we'll ever get 100 people or 1000  hearts I told him maybe so we kept doing it. After about two or three weeks then we met a man call Loud pipe and he began coming into the scope every day. One night I was performing downtown in the entertainment district in Huntsville Alabama and up walked five people who knew me from Periscope. It was Danner, his friends and I think his mom had come downtown to see me I was flabbergasted. I was so excited to be able to meet someone in person that only a few days ago I had met on Periscope. It was so exciting to me to meet them and touch them in person and that day I decided that periscope is real and I need to get real with it.

It's been a in-depth journey to go from my first Periscope to 3 million hearts. They have been thousands and thousands of people come through my scopes and we have reached 4000 followers who to me are the greatest people on earth we actually form a fan club VIP stands for very involved in periscope,  vera involved in promotion and very involved in Patreon. Which is the primary funding source for my independent music projects.

Sometimes when I'm on periscope looking at  the other  people scopes. I find that is not easy to tap hearts unless you really are interested in the content. Hearts really are a type of currency to express interest and connection with what is being said and done. To have 3 million hearts means  a lot to me. I love the people and apparently there's something about the blues in the blues room that they love , it’s an amazing measurement tool. I can hardly wait to turn the Hearts into dollars.

  I was doing some yard work yesterday and I noticed it was so dang hot that the grass was drooping . I had to lower the blade a bit just to get a good cut . I cut for about an hour and I started to get light headed and so I went to the truck and turned on the AC . I looked at the thermostat and it said 104. Hell , i was sitting in the shade. Its hot in N Al. I still haven't finished trimming. Too hot  to play with it . 

   Ever wonder where to start ? There is so much going on everywhere that its tricky to zoom in on any one thing to be about. I dont think its unusual I do think think that its cool to be in an evolving world of change. I have been especilally  concerned about my 25 year old son . He is right in that age where he has lots of energy and sometimes anger. I was watching those families struggling with loosing their kids to the police and it makes me nervous to think about . Sometime it seems the police have already made up their minds about a young man before they ever approach , its something I have dealt with all my life and I know just how easy it can be to make it go either way. I pray for all my young blues brothers to choose the high road and not let anyone pull you down into their pre judgements . Be  a greater person than them and make them come up to your expectations.  


Let the celebration begin . It seems like just a few days ago we were celebrating 2000 now its party time again. I want to thank you all for your follow. I know what a follow can mean . There is so much stuff out there wanting attention . You all are really special folks to want to connect with my brand of down home blues action . I can tell many of you are wanting to grab a root to your own toot and hold on to the last of the old skool survivors. Thank you for your time and attention . There is lots of work still to be done. The most important thing that we can all do is spread the word that the Blues is still alive and well in the music world. Now with technology we can share like we just don't care.

   I was wondering just what to do with these tracks. Some of the stuff that the scopers put on the screen when doing the scope make absolutely no sense at all . I just thought it would be cool to offer a replay in Mp3. It was so crazy to listen to and I figured the only people that would appreciate this track are the insane folds that join me in the Blues Room at night. Lets see what happens next .


  We had a blast building up to the 2000 fans.  I want to thank everyone for doing what we do . I am so amazed to reach out to so many fine people and be friends . Its not easy to hit that follow button sometimes. I know what it means to give your time and attentoin to someting and I want to sincerely thank all of you who give some attention to the BLUES  . GO VIP'S

  Every year I try to work with this group and their fundraising BBQ contest festival . The Kids to Love foundation has make a big difference in the lives of many children . Its always fun to enjoy the kids and the staff too. We had lots of fun in Meridianville AL at the Star Market. 


  Wesley Snipes is one of my favorite actors. I just love watching him do his thing. When there is a Westley movie on Im like watching a football game . I always said .I would love to be in a movie someday . Well I dont know how close it will get to Hollywood but this story done by my friends over at DNN Media is definately putting me in the news lately . Ive been getting email from folks asking lots of questions about my work just from the trailer . I can hardly wait till release day .


  My Band has a popular song call Going all the Way , This is a new spin on the idea . I always wanted to experiment with doing multiple shares in a matter of minutes and finally the group is getting big enough to do some cool things.  Watch what happens after the third share attempt , Its almost like being there and the new people join right in . Its amazing how fast people join in once the party gets started.

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