Ric Patton



  I told the fans in the Periscope Blues room that I was going to get to the bottom of the Ike and Tina story. I thought it has always been a interesting story about their careers. I had a friend who was a guitar player for Ike , he always spoke highly about Ike's skill as a business man and band leader. Looking at their journey im proud to see their 2 grammy awards and 5 nominations . Its unfortunate to have that be overshadowed by domestic abuse and coke abuse . Just look at the power they brought to the stage. 

  Ike was a talent scout early in his career and he sure got him a star when he discovered My Tina. Check the out on this Nutbush .






  I had a lot of fun working with these students over at the Jr college . They were really into their thing . Some of the im sure will go on to be good engineers. I hope to work with them more in the future and would recommend them to other artist looking for recordings . These students are pretty serious about it. Check them out. What do you  think about Calhoun's program ?


Amendment XXl Huntsville fun


   I enjoyed working at this place downtown Hsv. Ive been getting a bite lately that they want me to come back soon. Im ready . I found this video in my archives and wanted to share it . 


Green Street Market Huntsville AL Boogie Down


  Green Street market is a really nice farmers market in downtown Huntsville Al . I played there a few times and found this video . I had forgotten all about this tape and when I saw the kids playing the tub I was smiling again. I remember the look on their faces getting to hear the Blues . They were all over it. I remember when I was a kid and how much it means to be around music and even get to make some noise. You never know what it will mean to them as they grow up . Like John Lee Hooker says , 'Its in them and its got to come out." 


Blues Dance Nashville Rocks


  I always love playing the Music City Nashville . They seem to have an appreciation for all kinds of music and especially the Blues . The Dance community  there have an active calender and come together when its time to get their groove on . 

 This was my first time playing for this dance group, Blues Dance Nashville. They were really enjoyable and professional to play for. Ms Heather covered all the booking bases with me and made me feel at home from beginning  to end. 

  The venue was a cool old place on the west side of Nashville called the Cultural Center, it had an old hardwood floor and mirrored walls like a true dance studio setting . it was a nice evening for everyone . Thanks for having me .





  Couldn't sleep last night . I was thinking about that sweet soul music and found this video of Mr Bobby Womack . It was so  soothing I wanted  to share it with you. 



Shindig Mafia Party


Welcome to Nashville ! Shindig Mafia style , They throw bad ass parties .





The coolest moment I had during the King Biscuit Fest was when I realized that Virginia was wearing a “Sho You Right “ crown. This has to be the coolest jester yet any fan of mine has ever made. She  actually took a Burger King hat and and turned it into a real Blues crown .


 I had noticed something on her head when she ran down front and set on the stage to participate in the show. It looked  like a goofy hat from like the price is right show . I noticed the hat but was afraid to pay attention to the details. We were outside on the sidewalk when Keith said hey look at the hat on her head and I noticed it had my name on it. It was so darn funny to me , it was hilarious,  I loved it .


They had made two of them and the girls had them on the their heads , Man I was so elated happy. It really did make my day. I want to thank them for being so cool. It made the  Biscuit all that for me. I want to thank them 1000 times over.They are true VIPs for life thanks again and again.  Keith and Jimmy and Hal and Virginia and Keith sister , and pretty , Thanks Swancott. I love y'all.






The King Biscuit Blues Festival was a wonderful weekend in Helena Arkansas. This was my first time attending the biscuit festival and I must admit it was great. The festival was well organized from beginning to end. All the stages were well set up and well lit. The sound systems were great,  all of the acts sounded really good. There's plenty of dance room and plenty of Blues lovers ready to dance, the best vendors, ice cold beer and even a BBQ contest.


You can tell Helena's been doing this event for a long time. 31 years. Everyone works together. The whole town comes alive for the festival. I just got home this Sunday morning and I'm already looking forward to next year. I will encourage anyone to go to that festival and be ready to enjoy.


Over the next few days I'll be posting my pictures and videos and sharing them with my friends remember to put the King Biscuit Festival on your calendar for next year.  I'll see you there.



Back on the street again



Got some email today from downtown Huntsville, the City of Huntsville AL is promoting the Entertainment District  and they have asked me to come down and perform on the streets.

I always enjoy street performing downtown. Sometimes the crowds are bigger than others. This time of year is usually cool because the market is closing down and it's not as hot as it used to be.


I'm going to take some kazoos for the kids to play with and a few hula hoops it should be a fun evening. With the weather changing like it is it's hard to figure exactly what to wear usually I take a jacket just in case it gets cool at night. I'll try to Periscope some of the street show.