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Let the celebration begin . It seems like just a few days ago we were celebrating 2000 now its party time again. I want to thank you all for your follow. I know what a follow can mean . There is so much stuff out there wanting attention . You all are really special folks to want to connect with my brand of down home blues action . I can tell many of you are wanting to grab a root to your own toot and hold on to the last of the old skool survivors. Thank you for your time and attention . There is lots of work still to be done. The most important thing that we can all do is spread the word that the Blues is still alive and well in the music world. Now with technology we can share like we just don't care.



   I was wondering just what to do with these tracks. Some of the stuff that the scopers put on the screen when doing the scope make absolutely no sense at all . I just thought it would be cool to offer a replay in Mp3. It was so crazy to listen to and I figured the only people that would appreciate this track are the insane folds that join me in the Blues Room at night. Lets see what happens next .


Celebrating 2000 FANS ON PERISCOPE


  We had a blast building up to the 2000 fans.  I want to thank everyone for doing what we do . I am so amazed to reach out to so many fine people and be friends . Its not easy to hit that follow button sometimes. I know what it means to give your time and attentoin to someting and I want to sincerely thank all of you who give some attention to the BLUES  . GO VIP'S



  Every year I try to work with this group and their fundraising BBQ contest festival . The Kids to Love foundation has make a big difference in the lives of many children . Its always fun to enjoy the kids and the staff too. We had lots of fun in Meridianville AL at the Star Market. 


Titty Highway under construction


Wesley Snipes better watch out here comes Bro Ric


  Wesley Snipes is one of my favorite actors. I just love watching him do his thing. When there is a Westley movie on Im like watching a football game . I always said .I would love to be in a movie someday . Well I dont know how close it will get to Hollywood but this story done by my friends over at DNN Media is definately putting me in the news lately . Ive been getting email from folks asking lots of questions about my work just from the trailer . I can hardly wait till release day .




  My Band has a popular song call Going all the Way , This is a new spin on the idea . I always wanted to experiment with doing multiple shares in a matter of minutes and finally the group is getting big enough to do some cool things.  Watch what happens after the third share attempt , Its almost like being there and the new people join right in . Its amazing how fast people join in once the party gets started.

My dad crapped on the floor



  I like surprises but this is going a little far . I thought I was just going to help make a smooth transition from the rehab center back into daily life. Maybe he got a little confused , but damn . I asked him what was he thinking and he said " I wouldn't do anything like that" . I was so freaked out I couldn't get angry. I've seen lots of things in my life but this beats it all. I actually have to watch him and see where he goes to make sure that it don't happen anymore. You talking about the Blues for real . He's almost 90 and still gets around pretty good , but dang. I got to get some help with this soon.



 Just a few hundred more votes and I qualify at winning a top position in an international Periscope.Tv contest, called ALMOST FAMOUS. We’re in the top 10 now, but need to move into top 5 to WIN. I’m asking for your VOTE TODAY, it’s free. Lets bring the gold home to Alabama Blues music, Huntsville and #BLUESV.I.P.S , The contest is presented by PioTarBoa.com ,watch this cool video then CLICK HERE TO VOTE , Thank You.




I still got both of my parents and they are changing right before my eyes. I've had to face some reality that I have been running from for a long time. I knew these days would come but are they really coming . Old man time slow walks you down , taking silent steps, and one day its here . You are older and you didn't see it coming . I guess its better than the other option of being dead . 

  Age brings with it some amazing and humorous twist. Everyone talks a good game about helping out but where are they ?  It has made me look into the future at myself. I'm planning now so that when i get old old i'm gonna have plenty of Crown Royal and Reefer  to get  me thru the pains and plenty of room for the girls to dance for me in my nursing facility. Ill have plenty of rooms available for you but you must make reservations now. VIP's Only .

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