Last week was the first week of spring and it is definately in the air. I got a lot of grass to start cutting and lots of trimming to get done. Its quite a job to keep up a small farm. I do enjoy some things about it like growing some veggies and mellons . This year I plan to grow a few mellons and tomatoes. Ill plant lots of flowers the year , getting ready for my first Swancott festivel this fall. Lots of work to do. 

  Im thinking about putting together a Saturday Morning where we do yard work and cook on the grill all day. There is quite a bit to do to get the place ready . 

Just got off the phone with Ms Hill .She is a delight to talk with . She is all excited about her show coming up in the 23rd in Mt Eagle. This is some place up in the Mountains near Chattanooga Tn. where lots of Nashville Artist and songwriters come and rub elbows . I’m really excited for her but more than anything I want to get started our project together. A couple of years back we talked about doing an album together and I’m ready to get started .

Ms Hill has strong connections in lower Al. She is the former Mayor of the town or Greensboro Al. I think her family is still rooted there. I asked her to take me there soon. I want to get to know more about her and the area where she came from before we actually get into the record together.

I have done a few projects in my life but I want this album with Ms. Vanessa Hill to be a treasure for everyone to have long after we are gone. I actually want to do a RECORD. Like for the record books of time and Al history. In order to do that, I want to connect with as much of her feelings and experience as possible.

I actually want to control the entire project from beginning to end, from song selection to packaging to tell as much of the untold story of her and my Alabama lives as possible. I’m hoping for a souvenir Al. record and today when we got off the phone I feel like we finally just got started.

I got a show tonight in Madison and I invited her to stop in and tell folks about her plans in Huntsville. I hope that she can work it into her schedule to drop by.

It’s going to be a great project to do. Ill keep you informed. Join the mailing list and stay tuned. Once I Get the concepts solid and we start into funding. You’ll be the first to know .Imagine get in on history.


  Women have long been full of the Blues but lately more women than ever have moved to the Blues as a vehicle to say what they are thinking. I often hear the women scream out “Tell It!” during a good Blues show.

I got a song called The Confession, It’s a song about stepping out with a married woman. In the song the lady was saying that she wasn’t getting the Love she deserved. Her old man was neglecting her and she needed to feel Loved. 

  I decided today to send out post on My social media accts. i sent Fbook and the email list too. I think in all around 800 notices to my friends and fans .I made a New Yrs resolution to do more promotion this year than ever. Im beginning to come to grips with the fact that I need to do this myself instead of wait on a record co to do it for me . I went to the Print store to get flyers done and started to put them out . and i hit the social media . valentine might me a fair show. 

  I just missed but i can see beer all over the floor. Somebody pissed off my friend and he hit them with a full beer. Everyone was talking about it . Sounds like some dude was talking all crazy and  he hit another dude and Big Boy came to the rescue . Some of these folks from Triana Al just aint worth messing with. I hope things settle down . Some folks just dont play .

 The theme of my Thursday Night Show at SUDS has been Resolution Check up . Lots of folks have been lying to themselves about their plans for the year but all the time knowing they are lying. I call this the blues . Lots of my folks an fans are in this condition . I Offer hope for the broke and the broken hearted once each week at SUDS . Lots of my fans are to lying themselves about what they are planning for 2013. Most of them wont make it thru the month . I call this the blues .

  I wasnt expecting this Thursday night show at SUDS to become the night that it has. Its really cool to hear folks ask me can they play the wash board or the tub. I never expected  it to become popular . When I play the street show or street perform I can usually expect a kid to see the washboards or  a shaker  and their parents tells them  to play it. In the club we talking about adults  having fun and acting like big kids. PackRat and his girl friend wouldn't miss a week of playing the tub and Radio and Ms Shay are the real life of the party.  I was just kidding when I started doing it Delta style but Its no joking matter. 

  My buddy Hal , my drummer is really a guitar player . When i hear him on guitar I say wow what you doing on those drums . He just likes to play them all . What I like about his drumming style it that it is innocent and not too complicated so that I can play guitar on it . It helps my lead and rythem guitar parts stand out more. Some drummers play too much . I call his style of playing , playing on the edge . Its not right on but its not off either . Its kinda cool.

  Some drummers who dont understand the edge may think he aint that good. I say good . It aint about the drummer . its about the trio.

  I walked into SUDS tonight and a young G said aww Hell O g  you be on that guitar and yo boy be on them drums. I was so happy for the young man that he was looking at the edge of the music and I added him to my fan list . He swears that he will be at the next show. Thats the second compliment Hal got this week. You go boy !

  Im amazed at the dedication Im getting from the band . These guys actually wanted to  make up for practice time we lost last week do to car trouble . I am not used to  that type dedication . Most musicians could care less about making up for a practice . So we went over some origianal tune that we dont do often like That ain't my baby and and Go Black . It was a good practice but it was a little akward because it was a Sunday.I would like to keep it up during the winter months since Its too cold to go out and street perform. I dont have many other shows booked on a Sunday evening.

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