I was looking for a man to sit in for Mr. Fats while he recovers. I ran an ad on  Craigslist and so far Ive had about a dozen responses. This dude came in and actually came in to a rehearsal , he brought 3 basses , a frettless and 2 loaded with frett . He claims to be from up Detroit way . Now I know that to be the home of Motown and blues and soul is all in the air up there.

  i dont trust many people when it comes to playing with me . One of the things that i always look for committment . Im always asking  , " What are you committed to and just how much ?  " This dude is not new to music    , He has been playing for lot of years now . So he is committed to the music . 

  Just like any new job or new endevor you got to get to know the people you working with and I look forward to working  with this dude. I want to see whats in his bass head . I want to see him stand up to having them honeys humping on his leg while he play that bass . I want to hear him hold the  line without going metal on me . 

  I got 4 or 5 new names to call that reaponded to the ad on craigslist but I want  to give this dude a chance to claim the blues perimid . Let me know what Yall think. 

  There is not a lot going on in Swancott community. Its just kinda sleepy most of the time . I make more noise there than anyone else just practicing my music. I have been thinking about doing a venu there for a House Concert  I just call it a festival . I havnt decided on how many seats to arrange but so far I got 36 chairs . If i get all I car round up it might get to be 50 seats . Thats a long way from a festival but its a start to me . 

  Doing a house concert is different from a  party . I have performed at several house concerts but this time I am the host and I want to give a good show so that some of the invites want to have a House concert of their own. 

  Im also doing renovations on the old building so that it can be used as a recording studio . I will be using s fan funding platform to help get support and funding on these projects . So hang tight it wont be long before Swancott Al has its own Blues Festival. Or maybe i should say Private Festival. 

  House Concerts are catching on all over the country . What do you think about having a concert in your living room?


  I got several friends that are great shows  , Like Starr Adkins and Lump and others . I dont think the local music scene is really giving these folks all that they deserve as far as a place to be appreciated. After experiencing a house concert or two I am a believer in the HC setting. It is so different from a party but i think the folks have got to learn how to put them on . I think once folks get the hang of how to do a House Concert we'll see more of them and Im willing to help get the ball rolling . So this fall ill be opening up my own venue for a show or two . What do you think about House Concerts ?

  Things are winding down at SUDS in Madison . I did 76 straight weeks there in Madison Al. I got to really know lots of friends there and drank lots of beer. I even met some historic people there like this man . Some folks call him little Cain , He is a second generation promoter and Southern Soul Show maker .

  He is also extremely ambitious and inspiring to hang with. Every place you go has its players but this man is definately holding SUDS together and also keeping several other businesses he owns. I got this pic on him one day while we were having fun . It was pouring down rain outside but it didn't dampen our spirits . Some cats are just cool to know . Lil Cain got the Blues.


 I was chilling sitting in the back at SUDS lastnight and a pretty thang came by my table to sit and talk to me . She said she had sent me a friend request or like me on Facebook but hadn't heard from me and was dissapointed . I was  stunned . I thought , How can a person be dissappointed about a hearing from me . I had lost sight of the fact that some folks want to know . Facebook to me seems so wide open to put shit at. I have never opened up that much of my life as to want to let lots of folks know what im thinking. She was really hurt because I was not posting every day or two. Dang i was blown away by how important she made it seem . 

  She went on to tell me how she was following another band or two and how they were using it to get messages to her and she wanted to hear from me . She actually made a comment on the last post that I made and I dont even remember it myself. 

  The world has changed a lot . It has given credability to a text message as a viable communication medium . I was still stuck on face to face but she open my eyes to just how important the cyber world has become to many . I made her a promice to open up more and let folks hear from me more . beginning Today . Thank you Ms Tracy Thats what being a fan is all about. Im your fan too. Is social media a big part of your life. HOw many times a day do you update your facebook page?

  Its always a blast to have fans come up on stage and play with me on the Delta Show. I love seeing the look on their faces when they play tub for the first time or discover just how  easy it is to play the washboard and fun too. I love to watch folks share that joy . I cant imagine anything else I could share that runs deeper than Blues experience . I am forever in their dept for the joy it brings me to see someone else have fun . Thank you all for having fun . What do you think about the Delta Style Blues Experience ?

  I had to go over t the CopperTop and pick up my power strip I left there Friday after the show. It was so cool to see them and so I stayed and ate me some wings and drank a cold beer . Well they had another band coming in so I stayed to see it . I didnt even catch their name but I caught that punk groove . They were screaming and bumping into  one another like raising all kinds of hell. The music was super loud and banging. It was really cool to see. It was a whole diffferent trip compared to my blues shows but it was cool as hell. One thing about the Coppertop grill , they like all kinds of music . What do you think about that Punk Music?

  Some folks were asking me to offer advice to a person just starting out in the music biz. I immediately said" Dependability". Its a trait that means much more that a musical skill. I know very talented artist that just are flawed with bad personality traits like lack of confidence and not be dependable. If there was any one skill I would try to teach an new person just starting out in music it would be that . I really think it matters 85% and musical skill 15% . After all musical skills can be taught on the spot and coached through repetition of a part and practice but a personality trait can have deeper causes. And I am not a trained psychiatrist so I can't help anyone to focus or follow through . I can and do try to lead be example. 

  So if a new band is starting out or you are putting together a band from scratch . I think you should look for people who are already playing with other bands or run an ad looking for interested people. Let them come to you and once you have some in a group that you hope will stick , try to find out their plans and ideas for the future and talk openly about dependability before you start executing BPA's or legal Band partnership agreements . The absolute  worst thing  you could do is have a legal partnership with a person that is not dependable or not accountable . Its better to take your time and get know your band mates before drawing legal paperwork and sharing obligations. 



Its getting hot in Al . Folks are starting to get the fever for live music . Its one show after another everywhere you go. The folks at the CopperTop are really looking forward to this show. We like playing there too. Its gonna be a fun weekend .


  Some of my friends came out to eat lunch with me at B St . They were talking about how pretty it use to be . But now with all the construction going on its kinda messy. I hope it all works out for the better . At one time it was really a pretty place to hang out in the city of Hsv. I told them to come back around and hear my band perform on Sunday evening out in the Piazza like back in the day. I think Bridge St. has great intentions and hopefullly a pretty future

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