Ric Patton

Merry Christmas !


  This is really an odd Christmas for me . My kids are finally all grown up and so far I dont have any little folks to play Santa Clause for . It a different feeling not to have to perpertrate and slip around and play games with them or myself. Im going out to the bar and sit around with all the other folks that got no real need to run home anymore. 

  I had a good friend and fan stop by the club from Rome Ga. He is a preacher and a good piano player too , we all gathered around the piano and sang some old hemns and Christmas songs . It was so healing for all of us. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and remind everyone what the day is really all about. I don't think iv'e heard anything about my brotha JESUS during the whole season. But when Rev Dodson came in to visit it was like putting everything back in perspective .Its been a cold day and tonight its warming up with friendship and chilling with old friends at SUDS.

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Same sex Marriage in Alabama Blues



Lowe Mill Concert on the Docks !


  we had a blast out at the mill last friday night. It was my first time going to a show at the docks , usually im performing somewhere else and dont get a chance to make it . The folks there really do a great job with set up and accomidatons and everything. I was impressed with how well the handle things . Evan was the head guy in charge and he was so easy to deal with . We even had a chance to eat before the show at on of the little cafe places there , I think it was called the Happy  Belly or something like that . The food was good. 

  I am always so critical of sound and stage set u and stuff like that since i have to do my own road mgr for now. the Mill folks just jumped right into it . You can tell that they do it every week. The fans that come there actually come prepared to see a good show . They bring all their lawn chairs and their beer coolers  and cameras and blankets . Its really a lot more organiced than i thought . I would love to play there again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a night out. Check our Lowe Mill.


Huntsville Entertainment Districts has been super this summer .



Welcome new Blues Fans



Buck Wild Conversation!! Its Buck wild .



Downtown Entertainment District ! WoW



Songwriting 101



Christian Bass Player !!



  I was looking for a man to sit in for Mr. Fats while he recovers. I ran an ad on  Craigslist and so far Ive had about a dozen responses. This dude came in and actually came in to a rehearsal , he brought 3 basses , a frettless and 2 loaded with frett . He claims to be from up Detroit way . Now I know that to be the home of Motown and blues and soul is all in the air up there.

  i dont trust many people when it comes to playing with me . One of the things that i always look for committment . Im always asking  , " What are you committed to and just how much ?  " This dude is not new to music    , He has been playing for lot of years now . So he is committed to the music . 

  Just like any new job or new endevor you got to get to know the people you working with and I look forward to working  with this dude. I want to see whats in his bass head . I want to see him stand up to having them honeys humping on his leg while he play that bass . I want to hear him hold the  line without going metal on me . 

  I got 4 or 5 new names to call that reaponded to the ad on craigslist but I want  to give this dude a chance to claim the blues perimid . Let me know what Yall think.