Diary of a Bluesman

Rainday Downtown at the Dog stand


 Its been a crazy rainy day. The weather has really been wet and unpredictable. It’s definitely not hot dog weather but I really would like to go out and get this stand established. I know that the more folks see it the better for it. Lots of folks don’t know what to think yet.

  I’m getting to meet regular customers. Most of the regulars are workers in the downtown area. Some of them are from the courthouse and some from the office buildings in the area, janitors and maintenance workers. The taxi drivers and bus drivers have been giving them a try too. I’m even getting some word of mouth customers.

 It started off to be a dry day between showers but that didn’t last for long before the rain came in again. There was some guy  outside the club 21 was  playing the blues for a while. Wasn’t long before his regular musicians came in.  Then the rain just came pouring down.  

   Kim came by to visit and talk about how she could help roll out the band and promote. She said she would help with the fan club. We definitely need help with building up the fan base. It was an interesting  interview until the rain came in and put the fires out. We had to go over to the club next door just to get out of the rain. We’ll  call it a day and try it again next time.

Hometown Huntsville Welcomes Al BLUESDOGS

Street Performing downtown Hsv again tonight


 I get into downtown Hsv around 6:00pm for my show at the Amendment 21 club and find the sign on the door says 8:00 , I am confused because we already had discussed the schedule for 7 to 10. So I didn’t say anything I just went on to work out on the corner setting up . it was a good weather day and already folks are coming to check out the action . The patio is filling up with the walk by folks. Some folks just drive all way around the street looking for the place to park . Parking is bad downtown. And the elevator don’t work in the parking garage.

  Wow I see a new move at the 21 , there is a new bar sitting out on the patio and folks are sitting out and seeing that bar on the walk by . that’s gonna be cool. From the looks of things its gonna be a good evening.

  My friends and fans are starting to come in . I see  my friend my Natalie Barns come by , I got her to sing a song and it was soo cool to hear her sing. She got a cool lady with her too . I got her to sing one too. It was soo much fun. Mr Robinson ,the owner even got in on the action  with his bongos . Ive never seen a white man play the drums like that . We all had a blast lastnight. My friend Keith Devaney stoppen in and he had a really pretty lady with him,

  There were folks there from Memphis and New Orleans that got into the steet action  . There was a guy there named Mr Mann , he played the tub washboard from the heart . My friends were ther from up in Hazel greed ,Mr Rick and his lady . They gave me a nice piece of pizza. It turned out to be a really cool night at the 21.

  Mr Robinson was talking about having up back to play the entire band in the next two weeks. This is gonna be very interesting summer I can tell .

On the clock again ?

  I like playing the Amendment Club. I’ve been there for a few months now. The guy that owns the place Mr. Robinson is a cool guy. He met me street performing and invited me over to his place to play. It was a nice gesture. They got a patio area that holds 25 or 30 folks. And because it’s right on the corner I get the walk by foot traffic as it comes thru and that adds to my tip jar.

SUDS brings the Blues to Madison again !

Big Delta Style Party at SUDS Lastnight

Everyone in the house was dancing last night at the SUDS. The bartenders even bust a groove or two. I added the laptop into the show and started playing some old school funky stuff.  The set started with James Brown doing  Soulpower and went on up from there. I even lit the fire a little hotter with some Prince, and then when Hell broke loose.



Bass player Mr Henry Bradley lives on !

Henry Bradley will never die

    We got off the school buses and looked at all the white people lined up in front of the little country school buildings in Madison Al . It was a relief to see  Mr. Bradley’s black smiling face waiting on the buses to stop rolling so he could come out to the bus and escort us little black children into the building safely. Just knowing he was there was peace for us little black kids walking into a sea of white kids during integration years.



  The band is gearing up for a early spring reunion. The next BIG show is set for the 15th of FEB. Its a valentine theme show . I got the idea to actually offer some gifts to the ladies who join the fanclub this weekend. Its always fun to see the girls get into the blues ,and with this being the love month . I bet they will have more blues than normal. the band has had a few days off and these guys are ready for some action. 



Tub Player to the rescue


We had a blast at SUDS last night . It started off as a slow show, its always fun trying to get into the groove with folks. The blues music has a way of telling a story knowing that someone in here will connect with it. I was doing my standards when all of a sudden my home boy walked in the room, I called out ,”Tub Love , Is in the house ladies and gentlemen”. He came up and played some tub and it just  woke the room up. Some white lady and her fella started dancing and another man grabbed the washboard and from then on it was all buck wild Delta style boogy.


New Ebony Club Triana AL

  I've been doing some deep thinking about this Valentine Show thats coming up . The place is really a historic place in Southern Soul Black music history. Its a huge club out in the county, just outside Huntsville Al called the EBONY CLUB.

  When I first got old enough to slip out of the house we teenagers would go up there and see all the folks hanging out there. It was the first Night club I ever went into. I can remember when it was first opened up it didnt have a roof on it, they ran out of money building it and had to open it before the top was put on.

  Chuck Moore ,the owner was an amazingly ambitious and determined man to build that huge night club and run it the 40 years that he did. 

  Johnnie Taylor , Little Milton Campbell , Bennie Latimore , Marvin Sease and  many other Blues and Southern Soul artist have been on the EBONY CLUB stages over the years.   I am honored to be able to go back into this old club where I  first heard the Blues and be able to give back some of the soul that the place gave to me.

  The club is still going and so am I , and so are the folks in the community of TRIANA AL. going on with their brand of southern soul hospitality, 

  I'm gonna ask all my fans and friends to help on this event. I really would like to light a spark in the community again. Triana is a nice little sleepy town and it is really pretty when it comes alive . Im going to ask folks to help me sell tickets and get the crowd built up like it used to be. In Triana the EBONY was the place to go, and still is . What do you think about the EBONY Club ?

Vanessa Hill, Starr Adkins, and ChickenBone Reunion New Yrs Eve 2014

Happy happy happy happy New Year everyone . Well all I can tell you is if you weren't there ,you missed it ... I got in about 4:00 AM this morning after playing a KILLER show at Suds Bar & Grill in Madison last night .. The show opened up with the lovely and very talented Vanessa Hill playing some really excellent folk tunes for us on her acoustic guitar to really set a nice melancholy mood for the start of the evening . I was able to shoot a little bit of video of Vanessa on my Android and they turned out pretty decent so I will have them posted on the ChickenBone Reunion Blues Band Facebook page a little later .After Vanessa Hill ,ChickenBone took the stage with the lovely Starr Adkins ..She did five songs with us and I have to say ,there was a lot of magic moments in a lot of what we did .."Straighten it out" ,one of the songs we did was just PURE MAGICAL BLISS and gave me chills to hear her sing it and to see how she was able to interact with the crowd and the band ,she is one class act that we will be looking forward to working with more here in the future ..Anyhow we ended her set With "Love Train " which turned into a pretty long improv jam with Ms. Starr continuing working her magic which made it so much fun for us ..Love Train is a fun song anyhow but when we did it last night ,it was the best we have done it yet .. After Starr Adkins ,We came on as The ChickenBone Reunion Trio and we did what we do which is doin it ChickenBone style and played two very good sets that just really seemed to gel very nicely dynamically and impovosationally.. Anyhow there was someone else at the show shooting video so be looking for that to be up on our Facebook page hopefully soon,ill be looking for it myself .. Things are really coming along very well and I see a lot of new doors and opportunities opening for 2014 .... I really think with a lot of hard work and perseverance , This is really going to take off this year as well as the opportunities opening up to get to work with some other really super talented artists and building something even more special than even we anticipated ... .. Anyhow we really appreciate all who came out last night ,we also appreciate Suds for having us out and appreciate Vanessa Hill and Starr Adkins participation in this event
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