Ric Patton

Folks are talking about Hal's fighting cock drumming style !

  My buddy Hal , my drummer is really a guitar player . When i hear him on guitar I say wow what you doing on those drums . He just likes to play them all . What I like about his drumming style it that it is innocent and not too complicated so that I can play guitar on it . It helps my lead and rythem guitar parts stand out more. Some drummers play too much . I call his style of playing , playing on the edge . Its not right on but its not off either . Its kinda cool.

  Some drummers who dont understand the edge may think he aint that good. I say good . It aint about the drummer . its about the trio.

  I walked into SUDS tonight and a young G said aww Hell O g  you be on that guitar and yo boy be on them drums. I was so happy for the young man that he was looking at the edge of the music and I added him to my fan list . He swears that he will be at the next show. Thats the second compliment Hal got this week. You go boy !