Ric Patton

Bro Ric Patton & ChickenBone Reunion Band


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Bro Ric L. Patton is homegrown Triana Al. He is the grandson of Bluesman and whisky man, Paper Thomas Patton. Playing the Blues was not his idea but his mother saw playing the guitar as better than playing football.” She didn’t want me getting hurt, so she got me a guitar so I would keep my butt home”, Rick says. She did not know she was laying the foundation for one of the jewels of AL Blues music .

 As as a youngster Ric grew up around his uncle, Johnnie Rice. He drank that bootleg whisky and played harmonica . “Playing the blues is nothing I found, it found me. I been playing so long I just do it" Ric says.  “When I play and sing it’s like painting pictures with people in it . I have fun and amuse myself with the paint and sounds . I think that’s what folks enjoy about my Blues" Ric says. I play in a colorful way.

     I play about anything I can, weddings ,parties ,street perform etc. Every summer I go down into the Mississippi Delta area and play,but there is nothing that can take the place of that Alabama front porch style Blues. I also street perform in Huntsville AL downtown area. I love meeting the tourist there and exposing the kids to southern style Blues music. 

    Sometimes people need a little more so I always keep a trio handy to serve it up. I spend time looking for just the right players to deliver just what folks need." Rick says. The ChickenBone Reunion Band. The current line up are ( Drummer ) Kenneth Epps and ( Bass) Mac Barnes  and me. Most of the shows we bring along some kazoos a shaker and a washboard and ask for a little help from the crowd. What we do is just plain southern style funky Blues.