Lots of excitement going on in the Periscope Blue's Room we are approaching 94 million hearts,  That's a lot of hearts. I'm really excited about all the activity going on. Last night we had 28 shares which is really exciting.  Seems like everyone in the fan club is excited about hitting 100 million hearts . Quite a few people are tapping in over 10000 hearts.  


 I'm posting the show notes here for those of you who want to keep track of all the chatt  going on in the largest Blues fan club in Periscope history. Thank you all for everything that you do.







There are thousands of blues bands across the world who would love to be selected to play in the historic King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena Arkansas. The King Biscuit is known for presenting the best in blues music. 

  Not only is playing there rewarding but getting to meet and greet with other blues artists from around the world and networking with them for the 3 days is a blues gold mine. 

  Playing in the King Biscuit is like wearing a badge of honor. To see your name listed on the program is an accomplishment. Something to look forward to in your blues career. This is my fourth year playing with them and it has really been a hallmark in my Blues life. 

   I’d like to thank all the people who enjoy my work, my fans, patrons, VIP’S.  Thanks for the opportunity to be associated with such a fine Southern Blues Festival. Still the Best of the Best Blues Festival in the USA.



  Playing harmonica with Shawn McDonald's at the King Biscuit Festival 2019 was a thrill for me. Sean is a one-of-a-kind new century Blues Man. He is a raw, educated, young, bluesman dipped in modern gospel.

The enthusiasm and force that he uses to express himself is awesome to feel. It reaches off the stage .

  When you play for Sean you can feel his energy vibrating. I look forward to what the future holds for this young man.He also has an extroverted personality and is really good with conversation while he handled himself well. I heard people saying that he was a young man with an old soul .

The promoter had warned  me that Shawn was a little scared. This was one of his first Festival jobs. I was impressed with how he handled himself.  I think he's a great young artist with a lot to look for in the future. 

 Check him out.  I recommend everyone check him out.  Sean McDonald. He is what the future of the Blues music is all about. His dad and friends  were there with him and were super supportive of him. I bet that from now on he have many more friends.   I am thankful that Shawn chose me to play with him. Hopefully he will keep up the good work .



 My fans have always enjoyed my harmonica work. They enjoy it more than me. I've been playing harmonica for a long time but I've never taken it as a serious instrument. It's just always been something to accompany my guitar. I do enjoy playing harmonica and lately have been challenged to do more of it. So I decided to put together this case. It’s necessary to be a next level player.


I had the opportunity to participate in a harmonica Festival. I just never thought of myself as truly a serious harmonica player. Harmonica it's just something that I always had with me.


 Learning harmonica is not hard for me. It comes pretty natural, after all I've been doing it for a long time. Never thought about what I was doing.


 Sometimes people ask me about different harmonica players and I don't know what to say. I know of  their names. Sonny Boy Williams, I've heard the, James Cotton, I've heard the name but it's never studied them or studied their music it's just music that I have heard.


I did have an opportunity to work with a great harmonica player once named Jerry ( Boogie ) McCain. I didn't know at that time that I was actually working with one of the legends in harmonica music. Personally I think Jerry ( Boogie ) McCain was one of the best harmonica players to ever live and under-appreciated. Check out some of his music


I once got a call from a producer in the Muscle Shoals area to play on a record and I was surprised that the producer called me instead of Jerry McCain. I even asked the producer are you sure you want me instead of Jerry McCain and he responded’ “ yeah I need what you do on this record Jerry can't do what you do and you can't do what Jerry does.  That was a liberating moment for me and made me understand the difference. As long as I don't compare myself to anyone, it gives me the freedom to be myself and it'll help me to be able to keep playing music.


 When I listen to myself play harmonica I do have a style that's  different than many harmonica players. I don't know how to explain that difference other than I'm just being myself . Some of it comes from playing alone a lot with myself on guitar. Also have some funk in my background and some jazz in my background. I love both just as much as I do blues. It shows up in my music.  I can hear it in the Harmonica stuff.


 I'm sitting here now dreading adding to this harp collection. I need to add several more harmonicas because some of mine old are ones are going flat or the reeds are going dead. I recently discovered the Seydel brand and it's a great harmonica but they do cost a lot more. Like right now I'm having to spend nearly $600 just to bring this set up to date. I'll go ahead and bonus myself something I've always wanted, a really nice chromatic harmonica.


The reason I'm able to do some of these things now is because of crowdfunding. I've been moving in that direction for a couple of years slowly and beginning to understand the power that it can have. I don't have a record company. My fans chip in together to help me do a little better I really do look forward to giving them more and more. There’s Much More , Much More Blues to come !



Often think about the message I got from one of my fans. A young lady, she was telling me how much fun and enjoyment she got from reading my diary here on my website. It meant a lot to me to hear her say that. I was really moved by the thought that something I write here could make a difference if someone's life. May be  my own. I don't know. I just do it from time-to-time.


Today I was thinking about the young lady and wanting to do something just for her. She's a sweet little girl I met her on Periscope she came into my scope. She's been through some bad relationships up North with a boyfriend beating on her. I heard she moved down South on her own. Trying to make another life for herself. I know it was hard to leave family and go out on your own that way. Maybe she did have the blues. I wish I could do more for her and for others like her. So I'll start back creating these posts. Every day I'll try to do something. I never know what that might be.  


When you're raised like me to mind your own business sometimes It's tricky to turn around and let the world look into my psychic.  It's tricky to position myself so that people can take a look inside of me. Inside of me. Yeah I've never thought that could be something important inside of me. If there's anything inside of me that can help another they're more than welcome to it. So I'll do more. I'm saying that for that young lady and I'm also saying that you. And I'm also saying that to myself.  I would like to empty myself more, leave more stuff here in the world that I passed through. I'd like to leave more my experiences, as if it could be important to someone else. So today I wanted to make this post. I hope l that the young lady will see this and she'll know who I'm talking about. I want her to be strong I want her to keep moving on and I want to try to give her something to keep hanging on.  Have a good day.


Do you enjoy reading these posts ?



Rain today here in Huntsville Alabama. It's a good day to stay inside and practice on some harmonica stuff. I've been having a good time working with the harmonica. I am looking forward to the day when my band is able to free me up so that I can play more harmonica.


 The rain coming down on this old tin roof I just put on some backing tracks and play along. I'm going to try today to get in a good hours worth of practice. And of course I play each night for a few minutes in the Blues Room live stream on Periscope. How often do you practice your instrument ?



  Distractions are everywhere. Everywhere I turn someone is pulling for attention. Look over here at what I do, look over here at what they do, look over here what you did . I open the Blues Room every night by say there's a lot going on in the world. It's no joke. That really is a lot going on in the world. But most of it has absolutely nothing to do with myself.


 I had no idea that people would take Blues literally. Lots of the followers I have actually do have the Blues. I noticed some are extreme personalities. Lonely, bipolar, sick,  all types of people from all types of background, because of the type of Blues environment that I created they are buying into it. it’s not that I'm not willing to give in to their stories, but I have to focus my attention on getting through the broadcast and making it to the next one, which is always less than 24 hrs away. If I could build it over again I would build it all the same way.


  Clare Means is celebrating a hundred thousand followers and one hundred million hearts.  I can understand why. She’s a talented white woman. Being a white female or anything other than black male you could blaze attention and support in our society . I understand these things. I have to recommit myself daily to building this organization. And focus on what's realistic and what's not. From sea to shining sea, that's a lot going on, but most has nothing to do with me.


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