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King Biscuit Festival in Helena Arkansas was a great festival


Playing the King Biscuit Festival was a real joy for us. We had heard for years about this place but to experience it was an honor . The people who put this event are the best . From the time we got there till we left they took good care of us . It was my second year playing there ,first time it was on the Front Porch Acoustic stage and it was nice too. Ill recomend to any Blues lover to check out this festival in the mouth of the Delta , Helena Arkansas. 

More Blues Resurrection


I feel really hopeful today. I woke up feeling refreshed thinking clearer. I don't know what happened, but I do know it's been awhile since I thought this clearly and felt so refreshed.  I took some time to think and to visualize and maybe that did me good. I'll call it healing time. That time away from my computer was healing to me. My vision seems to be renewed.


I’ve got a new image for my music and have renewed my commitment to serve my fans. I'm willing to give away more of myself. I want to read more tracks in the snow. I feel like I'd like to record all types of songs whatever type of music that comes through me. Maybe someone will be able to use some of it


My patrons are beginning to grow and I am wanting to give them more. I want to offer the music to fit the many different situations they have in their lives. You know everyone has different moods and is nothing wrong with having music to fit and listen to whatever mood we might be in. Something I haven't done much is capture all of the moods that come through my life and set them into short stories and songs. I feel pretty good .And I look forward to getting back in the recording studio, the blues room and get busy.  I'm starting now.


ChickenBone Reunion Clucking Again


  The heavy rain forecast had everyone scared to move tonight but the folks we had seemed to enjoy the show. We had some tough moments working thru the new material where we stumbled a bit but we made it thru. I always feel ok when folks get on the dance  floor , its a good indication that things are OK.




  Thanks to all of you VIPS who pledged to help make this trip happen .I had a blast at the festival and  the highlight of the fest was to meet Ms Biscuithead ( Carla Robinson ) at  the Delta Cultural Cntr in Helena Ak. It turned out to be a educational trip and the Center tour was amazing . There is lots of Blues history there. The real treat was to actually get to play some songs with her while at the center. She is a hard core blues fans and we are so proud to have her as  a #BluesVIP Club member. Check this video and tell me what you think . 



  Lexx started this whole thing coming into the Blues room calling me the daddy of her Blues Baby. She claims to have gotten pregnant from tapping hearts on the periscope screen . I was like Oh OK !! I told her I hope she is pregnant by me because we gone be rich after we sue Periscope and Twitter . It is really helarious to think about getting pregnant from streaming . 

  One morning I got a text message from Ms Biscuithead of this funny ass baby laughing and eating a bowl of cereal and the message said Not Da Mama, I said aww hell. Thats a lil biscuit head baby dont tell me yo ass got pregnant too. She said it was Lexx and my baby and I should let the VIP see it to see who is the Parents  of this lil funny ass child. Who do you think the  parents are.?  Looks like Chip Tacas and Mia to me .



  I told the fans in the Periscope Blues room that I was going to get to the bottom of the Ike and Tina story. I thought it has always been a interesting story about their careers. I had a friend who was a guitar player for Ike , he always spoke highly about Ike's skill as a business man and band leader. Looking at their journey im proud to see their 2 grammy awards and 5 nominations . Its unfortunate to have that be overshadowed by domestic abuse and coke abuse . Just look at the power they brought to the stage. 

  Ike was a talent scout early in his career and he sure got him a star when he discovered My Tina. Check the out on this Nutbush .





  I had a lot of fun working with these students over at the Jr college . They were really into their thing . Some of the im sure will go on to be good engineers. I hope to work with them more in the future and would recommend them to other artist looking for recordings . These students are pretty serious about it. Check them out. What do you  think about Calhoun's program ?

Amendment XXl Huntsville fun


   I enjoyed working at this place downtown Hsv. Ive been getting a bite lately that they want me to come back soon. Im ready . I found this video in my archives and wanted to share it . 

Green Street Market Huntsville AL Boogie Down


  Green Street market is a really nice farmers market in downtown Huntsville Al . I played there a few times and found this video . I had forgotten all about this tape and when I saw the kids playing the tub I was smiling again. I remember the look on their faces getting to hear the Blues . They were all over it. I remember when I was a kid and how much it means to be around music and even get to make some noise. You never know what it will mean to them as they grow up . Like John Lee Hooker says , 'Its in them and its got to come out." 

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